Light and Land

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Light & Land is the foremost photographic tour company in the UK. Founded in 1994, the company now runs over 65 tours, courses and workshops annually in Britain and around the world. We run not only general photographic tours, to both foreign and UK destinations, but also specialist camera workshops - such as our large format courses.

They hand pick the leaders of their photographic tours and they include some of the best-known and most accomplished photographers in the UK; Charlie Waite, Joe Cornish, Antony Spencer, Sue Bishop, Ben Osborne, Phil Malpas, Clive Minnitt, Paul Sanders and Verity Milligan to make just a few. Their tutors are all experts in their particular fields and, just as importantly, they are also all enthusiasts who will spend whatever time it takes to help each client make the best of every location we visit. Light and Land take pride in the fact that all their tutors are friendly, knowledgeable and inspirational individuals who will make your time with them both educational and enjoyable.

Their mission is not simply to improve your photography skills and make sure you have a great time whilst you're with them, but also to pass on their enthusiasm and inspire you to reach new creative heights. From complete beginners to professionals, they cater for all abilities.