Amateur Photographer

Amateur Photographer is the world’s oldest consumer weekly photographic magazine, first published in October 1884, staffed by people with years of experience in the photography industry, with expert writers, reviewers, and most importantly photographers who love photography in all forms. AP (as it is affectionately known to its readers) is the bible for both amateur and professional photo-enthusiasts and photographers around the world. It has helped generations of photographers to improve their skills, as well as learn all about photography kit, both new and old, with our in-depth reviews. Look out for AP in your newsagent on sale EVERY week, so it’s always the first with the latest news and reviews on cameras and equipment as well as the largest and most up-to-date marketplace for buyers and sellers. Written by industry experts in the world of photography, you know you can trust AP to bring you detailed and accurate information. Amateur Photographer magazine is also available in digital format.