Photographing Autumn

As we approach the most popular season of the year with landscape photographers, we asked LPOTY 2015 winner Andy Farrer his top tips for shooting in Autumn.
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Oct 21

Polarising Filter: A polariser will help control the glare and shine from leaves when they are damp as they often are on a cold Autumnal morning. Cutting through the sheen will help reveal the colour. Adjust carefully - sometimes removing the shine altogether can make thing look too flat.

Pick a manual white balance. Dominant colour scenes will often trick auto white balance settings. A red dominant scene will often end up very cold looking on AWB, as the camera tries to “correct” the redness. This can be adjusted in post, but see the next tip.

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Use the RGB histogram. With an autumn image, it’s common to have a very dominant reddish colour, so pay attention to that colour on the histogram to ensure you capture as much information in that colour as possible for smooth colour tones, rather than blocky colour.

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Scout locations as colours change day by day. Planning a few locations will pay dividends. Also count locations which can be shot from high ground as temperature inversions most commonly happen this time of year. Look for a hot day followed by a cold night with high humidity and a low wind speed for mist.

Don’t forget to pack extra layers, the colder mornings always take some getting used to. Pack a hat and gloves into your camera bag just in case.

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