Jo rose

Jo Rose

Jo Rose has worked as the curator at Joe Cornish Galleries since 2011. Her work has contributed to the reputation of the Galleries as an important place to view and exhibit landscape photography and work that focuses on the natural world. Over the past decade she has substantially increased the Galleries’ portfolio of photographers, opened new permanent exhibition spaces in the historic building the Galleries’ occupy and organised many successful solo and group photography exhibitions.

Jo is committed to working with contemporary photographers. She has vast experience exploring visual tropes and ideas, an up-to-date knowledge of photographic and printing methods and a good working understanding of theming work for display, digitally or in exhibition.

In the 2000s Jo lived in Helsinki, Finland and worked at two private downtown art galleries, Galleria Uusitalo and Galleria Nunes, where a variety of Finnish and overseas art was exhibited. She assisted with organising and exhibitions ranging from painting, photography and sculpture to ceramics and jewellery.

Born and educated in York, Jo spent much of her early adulthood working and teaching overseas. She has a Bachelors degree in Humanities from Manchester Metropolitan University majoring in the History of Art and a Masters Degree in the History of Art from the University of Manchester, specialising in 20th century and contemporary art.