"LPOTY has impacted the way I see my future" - Hear from 2021 Youth Winners

Each year, the Youth Awards run alongside the adult competition. It's free for anyone aged 18 or under, and all commended entries are included in the LPOTY book and touring exhibition. We caught up with some of the 2021 youth winners to find out how the awards impacted them. Take a look at their images and hear from the upcoming young photographers behind the camera.
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Jun 22

Mati Granica, Your View Runner Up

Mati Granica Your View The Ghost of Football

The Ghost of Football, taken in Andover, Hampshire.

"Football is a game that is deeply ingrained in British culture. However, with recent lockdowns, the grass-roots levels of the sport have been forced to pause. An empty football field looks out of place, yet this has become a common reality over the last few months. I feel this image represents the eerie and fundamentally wrong feeling created by this lack of sport. The ghostly fog hiding distant goals creates a supernatural atmosphere, yet the bright and overwhelming highlights give a sense of hope of the light at the end of the tunnel."

"I’d describe my involvement in LPOTY as an opportunity; an opportunity to see the work of other talented, like-minded artists, an opportunity to have a tangible target to work towards and an opportunity to see my own work on a scale that’s very challenging to achieve independently.

The competition has acted almost as confirmation that what I’m doing is working and that I’m developing as a creative, taking my craft to higher and higher levels. I feel as though this has greatly improved my confidence, encouraging me to put myself out into the world of photography and jump in with full commitment, taking this incredible art form as far as I can."

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Darcy Bradbury, Urban Life Runner Up

Darcy Bradbury Urban Life The Birds

The Birds, taken in London.

"This photo was taken in central London, pre-pandemic. I took this photo of a man crying in despair, uncertain of why, to capture manic life in a big city.

Being involved in LPOTY has been such a proud achievement. It has impacted me in the way I see my future and how I strive to take photos continuing to question “is it LPOTY worthy?”. I want to continue to create proud achievements for myself by re-entering the competition as well as motivating myself to take better photos."

Beth Racklyeft, Urban Life Winner

Bethan Racklyeft Urban Life Royal Albert Docks

Royal Albert Docks, taken in Liverpool.

"This photo was captured on a heavenly summer’s evening. I had gone for a walk with just my camera, not expecting a good sunset, but was taken aback when the sky erupted with colour. Thankfully there was enough light to shoot hand-held and I was able to capture the stunning reflections across the water.

For me, LPOTY has given me a lot more confidence in my photographic style and has given me the self assurance to share my images with a wider audience. It’s given my family and friends a good opportunity to visit various locations and to enjoy the exhibition."

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Sam Pierce, Black and White Commended

Samuel Pierce Black and White Commended Repeated Trees

Repeated Trees, taken in Shirlett, Shropshire.

"By being involved in LPOTY, it gives me something to use as motivation for when I go out with my camera. I think, what would Charlie Waite do? How could I make this image reach the skill levels shown in this competition? It raises the standards for my work, and I hope they continue to grow.

I love this image, it shows what monochrome photography in nature can be about. I spotted these trees and they all seemed to be lined up nicely, a streak of light was hitting the tree in the middle of the image and I set my camera and tripod up almost instantly after spotting the potential shot. I composed the image and set up in a way that would defocus the trees closest and furthest away from me, putting more focus on the trees in the middle of the depth. I felt this would place more attention and easier viewing of the tree that is brightest and most in focus in the middle of the shot. I love how the trees are just one after another, a strange thing to see outdoors."

Henri Abbott, Classic View Winner

Henri Abbott Classic View Winner with The Beast Within the Beauty

The Beast Within the Beauty, taken in Paulton, Somerset.

"A drone shot of the local batch at sunset, with some fog coming from the left-hand side of the image."

"LPOTY has been a great help in getting my name out there, with being featured in a few magazines and social media accounts. It made me so happy to see my images being published in a book that so many people have bought and seen my photos in.

I would highly recommend any young aspiring photographer to enter YLPOTY as it is a great feeling if you are successful, and will give you great exposure in the future."

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