Remembering Steve Watkins

In December we were devastated to hear the news that Steve Watkins, editor of Outdoor Photography magazine and Landscape Photographer of the Year judge, had passed away.
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Dec 19

Awards founder Charlie Waite said "The long established Outdoor Photography magazine has been many landscape photographers go to journal, and I personally have had a long and happy relationship with the magazines editor, Steve Watkins. Our hearts go out to his wife Sarah and their two boys, Oliver and Sam. Let us all remember what a noble human being he was, a friend to everyone and his immense contribution to photography that he has made to the entire community. He will never be forgotten."

Steve Watkins
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Each year the judges in the final stage of judging get to select an image that stands out to them above all others. Steve's last Judges Choice was an image captured by Brian Kerr in South Lanarkshire in Scotland, and it's not hard to see why, it's such a beautiful photograph.

Brian said of his photograph "The image was made on the outskirts of the village of Leadhills in South Lanarkshire, a place that during winter gets more than its fair share of snow due to its altitude. We had been treated to a prolonged spell of snow in the weeks leading up to this morning with roads being blocked by feet of snow, in fact this road I was on only being cleared the day before I made this image".

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