My Isolation Landscape Special Award

Landscape Photographer of the Year is delighted to announce the winner of our special award for 2020, 'My Isolation Landscape', is Besnik Mehmed.
Simon Brown
Jul 20

My Isolation Landscape was created specially for the 2020 competition in response to the COVID-19

outbreak in the UK. Images had to be taken between March 23 - 31 May 2020, and the scope for this

special award was fairly vast. We accepted photographs that ranged from the shot of your front room,

to a view over fields from your back garden, to a view shot whilst on your daily walk. Digital manipulation was allowed for this award to encourage creativity. Entries were submitted via a Facebook group linked to the Landscape Photographer of the Year page.

Besnik Mehmed

Silent Covid Morning by Besnik Mehmed was shot in central London during the COVD-19 pandemic. “I

had miscalculated my journey to work that day, so I went around to take a couple of images. All the

landmarks around London Bridge were empty. But it was the silence that I found most astonishing, and

this view complimented it perfectly for me”. Besnik has won the prize of a 1:1 with LPOTY judge Paul Sanders.


Roj Whitelock

Roj Whitelock was commended for his image shot in his garden shed.

"This is my Isolation Landscape, a pano captured in the garden shed. It's become something of a refuge in recent weeks. I'd written a few words to help process my feelings about coronavirus and being in lockdown. This image was a response to the following lines;

"For some this passes like a dream,
Thumbing forgotten paperbacks,
Baking flapjacks,
Box sets and TV shows,
The world pressing against the windows."

Carol Gregory

Carol Gregory was commended for her shot of contraction patterns in soot on her garden incinerator lid.

"When lockdown started, I was working from home and then furloughed. With time on my hands, I started to sort out various boxes of old papers, including many from clearing my parents’ house several years ago. It was therapeutic to be clearing things, making progress with something I found difficult. This image was taken the day after the burn."

Simon Brown

Simon Brown was commended for his shot taken during the first couple of weeks of lockdown. "This was the view from the corner of my kitchen window first thing in the morning, I thought it made rather a nice abstract image as well as reflecting how people were feeling at the time."

Many congratulations to you all, and thank you to everyone who entered this special award for 2020.

We look forward to revealing the award winners for LPOTY 2020 on the 18th October in The Sunday Times Magazine.

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