LPOTY Award winners join Light & Land

We are delighted to share the news that Chris Frost, winner of LPOTY 2020, and Bill Ward who was the Adobe Prize in 2015 (and was also Commended 2013 and 2020) have join Light & Land as guest leaders.
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Jul 21

Chris is a relative latecomer to the world of photography, Chris' eyes were initially opened to the captivating world of photography whilst on his honeymoon in Japan, before later stumbling into landscape photography in 2012. This was a genre he instantly fell in love with, appreciating its beauty, drama and variety, not to mention the challenges it presents.

Chris will be a guest leader with previous LPOTY winner Antony Spencer on the following tours:

Dorset Photography Tour (8 - 11 October 2021)

West Cornwall Photography Tour ( 25 - 28 November 2021)

Namibia Photography Tour ( 12 - 23 February 2022)

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Bill Ward is a multi-award winning photographer and actor, born and raised in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Bill specialises in creative photography, and is particularly drawn to water. A lifelong traveller, he is interested not just in the places he goes, but the time that he spends in them. It's this that forms the basis of his work: specifically how it felt to spend this particular time with this particular place.

Bill will leading the following tours for Light & Land:

One Day 'Creative Photography' workshop in Bristol - December 2021

One Day 'Shooting Water' workshop in Wales - December 2021

Two Day 'Seascape Workshop' in Northumberland - December 2021

Keep an eye on the Light & Land website for confirmed dates for Bill's workshops.

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