Evie Easterbrook, Young Landscape Photographer of the Year 2021

Evie Easterbrook is a name we're going to be hearing a lot of in the future. She has won Young Landscape Photographer of the Year 2021 at the age of 15 with her delightful and humorous image 'Joining the Queue'. We caught up with Evie after breaking the news to her!
Evie Easterbrook
Nov 21

Huge congratulations Evie on winning the 2021 Awards with Joining the Queue. Which camera do you use?

I use a Sony DSC HX 400V Bridge Camera.

Where’s your favourite place to photograph?

I haven’t got one favourite place but I like taking photos while we are out on walks either near home or on holiday. Although one place I particularly enjoyed visiting was the Farne Islands in Northumberland where I was able to photograph Puffins.


What’s your favourite image of yours?

As well as the Puffins, I was pleased with the photograph I took at a local park (Black Park, Bucks) of the autumnal trees reflecting in the lake.

Tell us about the day you photographed your winning image at Southwold Harbour.

We were on holiday in Southwold and had gone on a walk across the harbour to Walberswick. After catching a ferry back, we walked along the harbour where there are lots of old fishermans huts. One of them has been converted into a Fish & Chip shop which is where I took this picture. I liked the way it looked as if the gulls were queueing!

Where is next on your list of places to visit to photograph?

Well, I’m going to keep taking photographs as we visit places or holiday within the UK. I also want to continuing experimenting with Black and White photography as well as different styles of composition.

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