Lines in the Landscape

Lines in the Landscape

With 20,000 miles of track, the rail network courses through the country. With its iconic Victorian bridges and viaducts and modern engineering architecture, it helps to shape the visual history of Britain. We’re not looking for details of trains or stations, but images that show the many ways in which the railway forms some of the most impressive views of the British landscape.

Images may be submitted for this Award of the operational national rail network anywhere in Great Britain (excluding Northern Ireland).

Please note that images of any underground railway systems, light rail systems, heritage railways, disused infrastructure, pier railways or model railways are not eligible for this award.

NB: Trespassing on the railways is not only dangerous but is a criminal offence which may lead to prosecution. All images must have been taken from public access land or rights of way.

The winner of the 'Lines in the Landscape' special aware will win an exclusive visit to Britain’s favourite railway landmark, the Forth Bridge in Scotland. Here, weather permitting, there will be ample opportunity to photograph the 128-year old bridge from areas not accessible to the public. Network Rail will also arrange for the lucky winner to take the engineers’ lift to the top of this iconic structure to capture some amazing views of the Forth and see the Bridge from a completely different perspective.

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