In addition to the main competition categories, we have a series of Special Awards which are open to the adult competition entrants to enter, these are all in association with our partners and supporters. Scroll down to read more about each award and click here to find out more about the prizes on offer.

You can find more information about the categories available to enter here.

Lines in the Landscape


With 20,000 miles of track, the rail network courses through the country. With its iconic Victorian bridges and viaducts and modern engineering architecture, it helps to shape the visual history of Britain. We’re not looking for details of trains or stations, but images that show the many ways in which the railway forms some of the most impressive views of the British landscape.

Images may be submitted for this Award of the operational national rail network anywhere in Great Britain (excluding Northern Ireland).

Please note that images of any underground railway systems, light rail systems, heritage railways, disused infrastructure, pier railways or model railways are not eligible for this award.

NB: Trespassing on the railways is not only dangerous but is a criminal offence which may lead to prosecution. All images must have been taken from public access land or rights of way.

Historic Britain


The Sunday Times Magazine is world-renowned for its blend of investigative journalism, insightful features and award-winning photography. As media supporter of the Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards, The Sunday Times Magazine has always been the first to announce the results and to feature successful images from each year’s competition.

To celebrate this relationship, now in its thirteenth year, we are pleased to introduce this new Special Award.

As The Sunday Times heads towards it’s 100thanniversary in 2021, it was felt a Special Award that shows elements of Britain’s history that still appear in our landscape today would be an exciting addition to the competition. For inspiration you can look at architecture and see how various older designs and styles compliment (or not) the modern and contemporary designs of today. Or you may see someone working in a suburban setting using traditional skills not generally seen today. Or perhaps whilst out on a walk you’ll see a historic building of significance to you that you’ll want to capture before it decays anymore.

Minor digital adjustments only please – the physical integrity of the image must be maintained.

Changing Landscapes


Changing Landscapes is an Award supported by MPB, focussing on various environmental issues that are impacting the British landscape today. This can include the damage that waste products have on our landscape, pollution issues etc. Whilst this is a serious subject to record, we’d also like to see some creative flair in these entries.

Minor digital adjustments only please – the physical integrity of the image must be maintained.

Landscapes at Night


Landscapes At Night is an award supported by Light and Land, created due to the increased popularity of night photography workshops they organise. Subjects can include astrophotography, city lights at night and suburban & coastal landscapes. We’re hoping to see some really imaginative photography entered into this award.

For this award we will be allowing stacking and other minor digital adjustments – please ensure the physical integrity of the image is maintained.

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