Emily Endean

Emily specialises in landscapes and nature photography and has recently joined Fujifilm as an X-Photographer / Brand Ambassador. She enjoys being outside as much as possible, capturing the beauty of the world through her lens and chasing the light and the weather at its best, mainly around Dorset and Hampshire.

At the age of four she moved to the beautiful seaside town of Bournemouth. It was not long after that she picked up her first camera and became captivated by seizing moments through her lens. Following that, she was given my first DSLR around 2013 and she was hooked!

She is obsessed with the ocean. If Emily isn't photographing it from the shoreline then she's neck deep in it! Emily shoots with a Fuji XT3 and a Go Pro Hero 8 and has a waterproof housing for the Fuji, so there are no limits to her shooting capabilities!