Edward Rumble

Landscape Photographer

Ed is a landscape and architecture photographer born in Yorkshire but now based in London.

Ed’s love for both photography and the outdoors began in his school days, taking pictures of his local landscape on walks with family and friends. A part-time job at his local photographic studio completed his technical apprenticeship, but also prompted him to conclude that his contemplative, philosophical approach was completely at odds with the pressures of life as a commercial, portrait, and wedding photographer! Escaping the studio, Ed quickly discovered the joy of celebrating beauty in both wild and pastoral landscapes. Moving to London in the 1990’s broadened his vision to encompass the shapes and forms of city architecture, both ancient and modern.

Ed has worked with a variety of photographic equipment from 35mm, medium and large format, both film and digital, in colour and in black and white. However, whilst technical craft is important, he contends that “It is the communication of mood and feeling, of a sense of place and the joy of being there, that really drives my love of landscape photography”. Ed’s work has been published in various books and magazines and his photographs are held in the collections of both corporate and private clients.