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Carla Regler

Carla Regler is a photographer with a passion for landscape, seascape and aerial photography. Carla's images have won her many awards. The Porthleven Storm images amongst many of those with accolades and have featured across national and international newspapers, magazines and TV. Carla runs her own photography tours and workshops business and has had images featured in numerous galleries across the UK and you can also reach her online. She has developed extensive printing knowledge and works closely with fine art printers to produce Limited Edition prints. Shooting with Canon equipment and more recently DJI drones for creating those unique higher aspect images not always accessible on foot that has engaged Carla’s creative vision into the landscape.

Until last year Carla's home was the beautiful village of Porthleven in Cornwall, famous for the waves and the clocktower by the sea. It was here with her partner and their dogs they had a successful restaurant - Seadrift Kitchen Cafe and photography gallery. Now new challenges lie ahead with a lifestyle move to the Outer Hebrides to not only continue running photography tours both uk and worldwide but also a guesthouse!